dimarts, 6 de maig de 2014

Història de la Psicologia al Xehc!

Dimarts 13 de Maig, 19:00 h.

Espai Mallorca. (Plaça Vicenç Martorell, 1-2)


Crisis of Italian Psychology between history and statitistical methods

Xerrada conduïda per Maria Grazia Proietto.
Phd 'Sapienza' University of Rome.

Over the last years, crisis in psychology has emerged as a significant theme in contemporary historiography. Nevertheless international research somehow neglects contributions of Italian literature illustrating a specific usage of 'crisis'.In particular, the Italian approach utilizes crisis as a historiographical category, strongly connected with periodizations proposed by historians.
     This approach opens up some new and important questions: i.e. is crisis in history of psychology a real crisis? If so, what period historians consider as a crisis period? Which period of the normal development of psychology was characterized by anomalies?
      In order to answer these questions I analyzed the changes of Italian psychological research between 1905 and 1970. Using multidimensional scaling I will show how structures of psychology transformed between 1905 and 1970 and I will propose new periodization for  history of Italian psychology.